Wednesday, January 3, 2024


     Yes that's right , I've been promoted! 

     I've been promoted to be the head vacuum cleaner operator here. As a result , from now on I do all the vacuuming in this house.  That means all floors. All furniture. All stuff on walls. I do work under a supervisor and the supervisor tells me if I've done a good job or missed anything. 

      I don't really mind this promotion. The Micro Manger at one time did all the vacuuming. I wasn't even in training. Gradually, I've taken over the vacuuming. 

      The micro Manager has been suffering increasing physical problems which make operating the vacuum cleaner a bit of a challenge and in fact would do harm. 

      The Micro Manager has a torn rotator cuff which causes a lot of pain and loss of strength.

    So I will do my best to keep all those dust bunnies on the run.