Tuesday, November 20, 2018


   I had an ultra sound on my right shoulder a few days ago. My appointment was to be Dec.20 but  I had put myself on a cancellation list.  So Friday morning at 7:53 AM I was phoned and asked  I wanted an appointment at 8:30 AM.  I thought for a minute. I really didn't want to go as I had no hair or beard combed. I didn't want a bad hair day! I hadn't brushed teeth or put in dentures. I had finished breakfast. I looked at the clock and was sure I could make it so said , "Sure I'll be there."

    Most people have had an ultra sound. You know, plaster some slimy cool goop on the area and then rub a cold electrode over your skin while they watch a screen. 

   Well the young lady who took me was miss antisocial. No small talk from her. Not even a comment about the weather. Just business. Short brief commands as to where to put my arms hands or body.  Rub more goop on and keep rubbing and searching for soft tissue someplace. 

    The ordeal didn't take long. She briefly told me that she had to see the doctor to see if she had been successful with the ultra sound. On her way out she put a towel on the stool for me to wipe the goop off myself. I picked up the towel. Ich! It had the horrible goo on it. I found a place without goo and wiped. The towel was so goopy it didn't seem like I got much off. I put my shirt half way on. Yuch! More goop. 

    I finally got enough goop off to finish dressing.

    About that time, smiley face returned and informed me that things were alright and that I was good to go.

    Some people just can't realize the miserable projection they give of themselves. Have they ever thought of enjoying their job by trying to be pleasant to patients?  Have they ever thought of cleaning the patient off with a warm towel? Now after that I had a good day. I wonder if she had a good day?  

    Or am I being just a little bit cranky?