Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I was Almost Overwhelmed.

    Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield is on the International Space Station now. I have been following him on twitter. He is very active on twitter and his comments and replies are most interesting. He has also shown many pictures of what he sees when he looks at the earth.

    Yesterday Hadfield talked to students in a high school in airdrie, Alberta.  I listened to an interview on this happening. A student and a teacher were interviewed. The student described them being in a theater and how it was extremely quiet as they were waiting for Hadfield to come on. When he did come on they were quieter yet, as they didn't want to miss a thing. A number of students got to ask questions and of course Hadfield is a guy who will give you far more information than what the question required. The teacher spoke next. She had applied for the school to be addressed by Hadfield. She was far more excited than the student. i'm sure she spent much time peparing the students for the event and probably had a couple of good science units to go along with Hadfield's visit.

     I couldn't help but think what a fantastic learning opportunity this was for the kids. Tears almost came to my eyes as I thought of what a momentous occasion this was for the high school kids in Airdrie, Alberta and that they would remember this for a life time. How many of these students will be influenced for the rest of their lives? I know I was influenced and I was not even there.

    Today Chris Hadfield took over as commander of the International Space sSation.