Monday, August 19, 2013

Heritage Square

   A few posts ago I set out to get some photos of Heritage Square. That is before I came up over a berm and through some trees to find a spray park. That is before a did some tricks on my bike that people liked. So those posts had to be done before this one.

    So here is our Heritage Square. Our heritage Square is a work in progress. There is room for it to grow but by the looks of it people have lost interest in adding on to the square. 

    I really wanted to get the Loft House. I found it hard to photograph as I ran out of room. I found that is was far more interesting inside than outside. It is filled with all kinds of all things Norse. Of course it has a gift shop. The facility is open during the summer months.

The entrance with flags. I missed the sodded roof which is a feature of this house.

     An interesting little building which was rescued before it was destroyed is the first store that opened in Red Deer. It had been moved several times and was being used as a storage shed behind a downtown business. It's hard to believe that business was carried on in this small 14 by 20 building.

The original store in Red Deer
  This is a close replica of the first Red Deer school. It has been set up inside so that classes can be taught.

This is not a very large building

Fine workmanship went into this replica as I'm sure went into the original.
 Now I shouldn't tell you that there are two steeples from local churches. The steeples were rescued before the churches were demolished.