Sunday, July 31, 2022


     For part of my evening I may listen to music and play games on the computer. Right now I've found South African folk music. 

     With earphones on to listen to music a noise has to be very loud before I hear it. 

     Last night there was a big rumble. I took off the earphones to check the noise. I called for the micro manager. I got no response. 

     At that time I became somewhat alarmed so I decided to get out of my chair quickly and check the house. What did I do? I rolled onto my big toe with the wheel of my chair. Some how the wheel was stuck so I found myself sitting on my big toe. Good trick if you can do it! Finally, I had the brains to sit up and the chair rolled  off my toe. 

      At about this time there was a lot of noise in the house from someone yelling about their toe. 

     About this time I discovered what the noise was about. It's hot here so we run our furnace fan to cool the house a bit. The Micro Manager was turning the fan off and putting the panel back is noisy if you drop it. 

     So has anybody else run over their own toe?