Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Logic Hiawatha House Style

       Okay, the logic part will come later.

        First some background. I was raised on an isolated Saskatchewan farm so I was really a free range kid. See "Isolated Farm Life" From a very early age we played all over the farm yard. When I was a little older...seven or eight ...I wandered over the whole farm and much further afield. Getting permission to ramble from my Mom never came to my mind. If I was needed a large bell was rung and that was my signal to get home right now. Being outdoors most of the time exposed me to the elements and made me keenly aware of my natural surroundings. A love and knowledge of natural areas was learned over the years.

      Sunrises , sunsets and seasons became part of me. Beautiful skies will always be a part of me. I loved the fantastic sky colors in the Arctic when the sun didn't rise. I  will also never froget the enerizing feeling of Artic summers when we had 24 hour daylight. Since I live the small city of Red Deer I have discovered the best vantage points to watch sunrises and sunsets.

      At this time of year with decreasing daylight sunrises and sunsets become much more crucial. I don't know when or how I discovered that there is an imblance between morning and evening when it comes to decreasing daylight at this time of year. Now from Dec. 8 , the sun does not set any later. The sun sets at the same time until Dec. 21or so. Then the sun begins to set  later each day. Now you say how come? Isn't  this supposed to be shortest day of the year time? In the morning the sun is coming up later each morning. It does this until about Dec. 31. By Jan. 7 the sun starts to rise earlier each morning. It's one of the ways I have of surviving the dark period of the year when I know that at one end(sunset) the day starts to get longer.

     So that's my logic. I hope you can follow it. If you can't follow it contact me by leaving a comment.