Friday, July 16, 2010

Good Times...Old Guys

        Good times and old guys can go together especially if the group has hung out over a long time. I've been fortunate enough to have been associated with such a group. I have always valued the people I work with as described in Reflections...Valuable Colleagues.

       When I moved to Red Deer in 1969 to teach, I was very fortunate to land on an excellent staff. We were young and  fortunate enough to teach in a school which drew students from a very supportive community. There were staff who were excellent mentors and other staff who were willing to see that a junior high program was presented well.

       A number of the staff not only worked hard but also played hard. We visited each others homes , had young families and were  recent education graduates who had teaching experience.

     Some of us stayed in the same area and kept in contact. Now, once or twice a year we get together and enjoy lunch and  visiting. This group is aged 64 -84 and still have the same energy and and drive to enjoy life.

      We are so very fortunate!