Sunday, February 16, 2014

In the Land of Ice and Snow...

     "the land of ice and snow" is courtesy of Led Zepelin, but it describes precisely the snow situation where I live.

     In the land of the pale blue snow, where it's 99 below
     And polar bears are roaming o'er the plain
     In the shadow of the poles we wander to and fro
     We'll be happy when the ice worms nest again

    This may come from Wilf Carter but it's not clear as to where it comes from. It does make me think about the winter I've put I've experienced. Some bloggers are writing about a soon coming spring. For me I will have to wait a while longer for warm weather. 

     They have recently cleared some of our streets so we have some huge piles of snow. The kids are having fun jumping off these piles.
    My ski trail is under these enormous snow piles. The picture at the end shows the ski trail in a normal winter snow of 2010.