Thursday, August 18, 2016

Some Touch up on My House

      I have lived in my house since 1970. The house was built in 1963 so it's been around a while.

      I've been able to work at maintenance and keep it in good condition.

      The house is brick with wood trim. I've been able to paint the trim and keep it in good condition. However, the time has come to stay off ladders as much as possible. The wood and eave troughs have lived their life and it was time something major was done.

      We decided to replace the eave troughs cover the gable ends and  fascia with aluminum. We had the roof redone several months ago.

      So it's done and we are quite happy with it. We wish we'd done it ten years ago when we talked about it. It really improves the look of the house.

The eave trough guys were fast

A 65 ish Clifford was very slow but careful and thorough. He did a fine job.