Monday, February 27, 2023


       Today that darn vacuum cleaner played another nasty trick on me.

       I have a couple of pairs of black socks. Quite often there are quite a few white particles on them. The white particles are probably from dry skin .

      Well, today I decided to clean some of the white dust off the socks before I washed them. I thought this would be a quick and easy job. Little did I know that the vacuum cleaner had other ideas. I have a central vacuum system which works well.

     So I was kneeling on the floor vacuuming the socks. I guess I was trying to move the sock in a different position and left it on the floor for a split second. In the split second the sock disappeared. The normal reaction is to turn the vacuum off as soon as possible. 

     Now this has happened before so I take a four ft. handle from a paint roller and shake it down the hose. If the sock is in the hose the handle will push it out. So I went through the process and no sock appeared. So I'm hoping the sock isn't stuck in the line someplace and will block the line.

     So downstairs and look in the vacuum canister and there was my sock in a much worse condition than before.

    So the next time I vacuum socks I will have them tied down so they don't blow away on me!