Monday, July 6, 2015

More Garden Party

      Our city has a very active arts community. There's all kinds of music from a small symphony orchestra to senior jug bands. Two theatre companies are active and the college puts on many plays in their arts program. And then there's the visual artists. This group has their own center and gallery. They conduct many classes and artists use the facility to do some of their work as in kilns for ceramics. There are several excellent galleries in town.

     It seems to me that there's a quote something like "You can judge a society by the way they support their artists." Our artists are very active. I hope that they are supported. I was part of an art show once and a surprising number of works were sold.

     So at the Mayor's Garden Party the other day there were four artists doing their thing in an effort to publicize the local arts council. The director had forgotten her camera so since I was standing around,


    I was conscripted to take some photos so that they could be used in their newsletter.

    I know that some of the bloggers I follow are artists. They are all interesting.