Monday, May 6, 2013

Naming Schools

    Since I spent 37 years as a public school teacher , I have more than a passing interest in school names. This blog is named after the school I went to from gr. 1 to 9. 

    Each school district has it's own policy about naming new schools that are being built. Sometimes the name is based on the local area and sometimes it's based on a person of note. Many schools were simply named after the town in which they were located. 

    Schools in my city have been named after the area they were built in or some prominent person. The school I taught in was called Eastview after the subdivision in which it was located . My kid's elementary school was G.W. Smith who was the first teacher in Red Deer . Most of the people who gave their names to schools had passed on before a school was named after them

    Many schools are named after famous national people. How many Winston Churchill schools are there? We have a few John Diefenbaker and Lester Pearson schools. These two people were Prime Ministers. How many Jefferson or Lincoln schools are there?

   Why am I writing about this topic? We just picked a name for our next new school and it's after a friend of mine and he's not dead yet! So the next school in Red Deer will be the Barrie H. Wilson School. All the more cool, I worked with Barrie for many years. Barrie and I both came to Red Deer the same year and taught in the same school. Barrie was energetic,enthusiastic and well liked. Later he became an  administrator. I had the good fortune to have Barrie for my Principal for ten or more years. I grew professionally and personally under his watch.    Certainly some of my happiest years were when I was working with Barrie. Barrie was always tough and demanding. However, Barrie would always walk the talk.               

    So I'm happy that Barrie has a school named after him and it is a well deserved honor.