Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Couple of Things I Didn't Know

       I am in my 75th year and I've had much experience and some of it has stuck to me. Just recently though I was told a couple of things that really surprised me.  Should I have known these two things a long time ago if they are standard practise like forks on the left side of your plate.

       Did you know that clothes were to be placed on a hanger so that the front of the garment faced left? Now for me I thought that was  bit much. My usual procedure is to find a convenient chair , door knob or door to hang my clothes over. I've even been known to use the floor from time to time!

      Now he other thing I was told recently is that the seam on a pillow case should always point to the foot end of the bed! Now to be honest I didn't know there was a seam in a pillow case! I'm doing pretty good if I get the pillows at the top of the bed. I do make the bed from time to time.

     So tell me , are these two  things common practice? Does everybody know these two things except me? Where does this stuff come from? Some book on etiquette?