Sunday, March 28, 2010

2010 Cycling Season Begins

        In Red deer , Alberta, the roads and most bike trails have dried so it's time for the cycling season to begin. Day time temperatures this week have reached plus 15 C so it is pleasant enough to begin riding.

        With these conditions in mind I opened the garden shed and pulled my bike out. I checked tires and added air and away I went for my first 2010 ride. Later I will do a more thorough bike check up. Through the riding season I continually do maintenance to be sure that I'm safe and the bike will be reliable. As you can see we still have some convenient snow banks!

       So I'm off and cycling! As I've said before my goal is to ride at least 1000 km a season. I find that April is a good riding month, but  it a challenge to get much distance in May and June.

      Happy riding in 2010!