Tuesday, July 14, 2020


      I have a lawn mower that is 50 years old. Every once in a while it needs to be repaired. I've written about this before and even showed photos.

     Now it's very hard to find parts for something that is that old. I needed  rewind spring. That's the spring that pulls the cord back in and winds it so that you can pull again if the motor doesn't start.

     So to find parts one has to do some searching. I found the part but they wanted 50 bucks. Well what do you do? You can't just run out and buy a 50 year old mower! Well, he said he would order the spring in a week or two so that gave me time to shop around some more. We did find one guy who said he could make us an air filter filament.

    We went to see about the air filter. What a junkyard! The guy had about 100 old mowers. There were many roto tillers, snow blowers and  other small engine machines. These were spread over the whole yard.The guy had a shirt that hadn't been washed for a week and pants to match. He thought he was God's gift to comedy. He had a dozen vehicles stored there and I knew who owned them. .He took me back to see if a mower like mine was there. I had been expecting a place with new things.

    I asked if he had the spring I was looking for. He went to look for one and told me not to go in his shop. Five minutes later he came out with a new spring in the original package! How much did he want for it? 10 bucks! I took it in a heartbeat. So the Micro Manager only had a twenty. So he says I'll take the ten for a tip!  What a card!

     Every once in a while you stumble into a very odd place. This was a very different business practise.

     So this was the typical junk yard without the mean dog.