Friday, August 6, 2021


      This week I as stung twice by yellowjacket wasps. 

      The yellowjackets are a smaller wasp but are very aggressive. Wasps are valuable at they are scavengers who clean up much waste material. Wasps eat dead plant and animal material. 

      Yellow jackets become very numerous at this time of year. They also change their diet and go looking for sweet material. So at this time of year if we want to eat on the deck, patio or park, we have many yellowjacket visitors. They really like my coca cola. They also like steak. It's not pleasant to eat with several wasps buzzing around your food. 

     Every summer I have many wasps in my yard. I have a brick house and they are built with a space every four bricks on the first course. Yellow jackets think that in behind the brick makes a fine home. 

     I don't happen to think that behind my brick is a great home for yellowjackets so I try to discourage them and hope that they move on to another location I plug the spacing between the bricks and that usually does the trick and the wasps go to another location. 

    This year the wasps have decided to fight me and maintain ownership of their chosen home. So far they are winning the war. 

    So this week while I was fighting the wasps , I was stung twice. The sting doesn't hurt much. However the tissue around the sting swells up for bout seven days and is sore and itchy. 

               Swelling on the back of the hand

            A shot of the left hand showing the normal

                 Severe swelling on the back of the hand

X marks the spot where I was stung