Friday, October 28, 2016


      I can predict what I will find in the comments for this post. My followers will know their neighbors well. 

      In urban areas there are places where neighbors do not know one another. People don't know the neighbor's names and some couldn't recognize a neighbor. 

     So why know your neighbors?  Neighbors are support. When we visit with people we discuss things that we share and validate what we think and who we are. We just feel more secure with a  little support.

     We need some quality social time. We are social beings and need contact with others. Networks develop and we are able to socialize with more people. 

     When neighbors know one another there is more physical security. We recognize who should be in the neighborhood and who does not belong. We cover each other's back. We know when neighbors are away and to keep an eye on their place.

     Across the street from me I know 10 out of 12 neighbors by name. One two of them are 30 plus years. The 87 year old is a feisty character and we always stop to visit.Two of them are former students. Two of them are dog walkers. So some of these people I know very well and some just to say hello to.

     On my side of the street I know 7 out of twelve neighbors.

     There's a close behind me and I know 20 of 21 of the people. I delivered papers in the close for 2 1/2 years and really got to know people well. I had many very good visits. 

     Now I don't know these people well enough that I go in their houses. I don't coffee with them. We visit on the street.

    I think it's important to know neighbors and to know more than just names. We have to share part of our lives and be willing to help those around us. This makes for a healthy neighborhood.