Monday, June 9, 2014

A Senior Embarrassment

     A few days ago my wife said , "Let's go to Tony Romas for Father's day lunch. Tony Romas usually has a special offer on Father's Day."

     I said, "Whatever!" I wasn't really listening.

     So yesterday off we went to Tony Romas for lunch. We had our lunch and my wife asked if there was a Father's Day special. The waiter replied that he didn't know as the special deals were given to him just a few days before the event. My wife thought the waiter didn't know what he was talking about.

    I usually leave a restaurant long before my wife. She can fuss about things just fine when I'm not there.

    On her way out she checked at the front desk about the Father's Day special. The young gal looked shocked and said, "If it's Father's Day I'm in trouble." That's when my wife got it sorted out. Yesterday was not Father's Day! What a surprise! What an embarrassment! So I'm glad I left a restaurant early! It's one of those really embarrassing moments and it's good not to be there.

    So you've really got to watch those seniors. They can get things mixed up and really embarrass you!

    So do other people embarrass themselves by screwing up big time or is it only me?