Sunday, May 18, 2014

Queen Vickie Weekend

     This is a long weekend in Canada. It is called the Queen Victoria day weekend and marks the remembrance of Queen Victoria's birthday. Queen Victoria reigned from 1837 to 1901. She was the monarch who presided over the formation of Canada. She was a rather austere person...not warm and fuzzy.

    Now I've been calling this weekend the May long weekend for a long time. I had to look and check today to see if it was still officially the Queen Victoria day weekend. Yes it is. 

    I have some mixed thoughts over this issue. I'm all for recognizing some one's birthday and achievement. Queen Victoria's reign was long and many important developments happened during her time. On the other hand I am not sure that I'm even luke warm towards the British Monarchy. I have trouble thinking that a foreign monarch is our king or queen. Yes, there's long tradition and tradition counts. I also think that we need to move on. Now I'm referring to the institution. 

    It also seems hard to to get my head around the fact that monarchs are monarchs due to heredity alone. 

    Now I don't get wound up over some of the people who are in our present royal family. They are ordinary people who have many restrictions put on their lives. Some of them do well with their royal life style and some of them need an awful lot of help. 

   The May long weekend is traditionally the first day of summer camping. Everybody has dozens of May long weekend camping stories. Many of these stories involve snow and terrible weather. However, we still go camping. I can remember more than one long weekend huddling around a blazing campfire with my winter coat on. But when it's a nice weekend weather wise it's awesome.

   Now I was married on the May long weekend many years ago. The may long weekend is a popular time for teachers to get married. Also my Mom's birthday usually falls on the Victoria Day weekend. Now Mom was a great fan of the royals. Also if Mom was living she would be 100 yeas old on May 20.

    So I hope all Canadians have a fine "Queen Vickie" weekend.