Friday, July 6, 2018


   Well that's not a terribly original or creative title but I promise I will be on the topic.

    Most followers know that I whine about downsizing. The micro manager and I have many conversations on downsizing but we don't seem to accomplish much.

    We try and bribe our kids to relieve us of some material but it doesn't work well.

    We have not put Christmas decorations up for the last three years so the time has come to part with Christmas decorations. We knew that our daughter was interested in some Christmas items. We haven't checked with our son yet. So our daughter was here this week and we asked here to go through things and pick what she wanted.

    She picked a few special items that had meaning to her. That was it. So we spent a couple hours going through Christmas ornaments in July.

    We have three tightly packed boxes of Christmas ornaments...not a lot compared to some people. What's left hits the garage sale.

    The micro manager carefully bought items over the years from a variety of sources. Some items are unique.

    So the Micro Manger told of one decoration that I had forgotten about.

    As a young couple we went into a small isolated northern community.  We didn't have Christmas ornaments as we'd only been married one year and had gone to our parents for Christmas. This was our first Christmas on our own and surprise , surprise! we didn't have Christmas decorations. We were not able to buy decorations where we were living. We couldn't buy a tree and there were no trees there. So the Micro manager got creative and made some ornaments. She heated up some wax and poured it over figures and that was our Christmas decorations.

    The Micro manager made these in the north.