Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Daughter Gets Her American Citizenship

     My daughter moved to Chicago in 2008. She obtained a green card as she had a position with a large company. She was working in human resources where they produced training programs for just about anything the large company needed. You get a green card for one year and then it has to be renewed. If the company wants you and you have special skills your green card is renewed. At some point in time the green card becomes permanent. 

    So after gaining permanent residence and putting in a few more years you can apply for citizenship. More hoops. There's a test. You have to demonstrate your competency in English. The English is a joke for my daughter as English was her best subject and she's an avid reader. They didn't complete the English test or they may have been tested. Oh yes, she also speaks French.

    The final day comes and you are told where to meet. They take your green card away and you enter the auditorium and the procedure takes place and in a short time it's all over and there are 141 more Americans.

     There were 141 people becoming citizens at this event. Three of them were Canadians. 

     She was very happy to receive citizenship as it simplifies many things in her life.

     Oh yes, she married an American during this time.

The important piece of paper!