Sunday, October 11, 2020


     Yes , I'm the handicapped grocery shopper. How handicapped.? The first time I shopped for groceries was well after my eightieth birthday.  How did that happen? You had to get something to eat.

     I've been  aware of my grocery shopping handicap for quite some time. It all happened very innocently. 

    As you know I was raised on a farm in the late 40's early 50's. We bought very few groceries from a store: flour, coffee, tea, sugar, salt and a few other things from time to time. Now at that time no farm mother would ever send her son for groceries. 

    When I left home I boarded . This meant that I didn't have to buy groceries. 

    When I went to the Arctic I had to do my own cooking. When I moved into an apartment they brought two huge boxes of groceries that were supposed to last a year. Some things lasted a year. Some lasted forever and some like my case of tomato soup were gone by Sept. 30. Cooking with powdered eggs and powdered potatoes was interesting. Powdered milk at that time was more interesting. I never got powdered milk made so that it didn't have lumps.

     Then the big event of my life occurred and I got married. Lucky me. I get a good cook and somebody who will buy groceries.

     When I retired I received a promotion in the ranks of grocery shopping. I got to be the cart pusher, bag opener and the bad guy! I went along week after week attending shopping but not participating in the activity. The micro Manager makes a grocery list that makes little sense and leads to all kinds of errors.

    Well recently due to some severe foot problems the Micro Manager is unable to shop. I take her list and redo it so that it makes sense. I need to know , brands, sizes, prices and any other info about the product. With my list and notes I happily go off to get groceries. It works well. I get what we need.

    Now this big change has happened since I turned 80. I'm proud of myself. I'm not going to give up my grocery shopping duties.