Wednesday, March 6, 2019


     I admit it. I snicker about some of the comments that are being made about spring on some blogs right now. I'm not snickering at the blogger...just the perception of spring.

    You see we have some very wide perceptions of spring. It depends on where you live. 

     I got thinking about this today because of the weather I have. Today we had a high of minus 12 C (14 F) and a 50 - 60 kph wind. It was a very, very nasty day. Now my calendar said Mar. 6 and the first day of spring isn't until Mar. 21. But what I snicker about is someone complaining about flowers being late and cold spring weather like 40 F. I snicker about people wanting warmer weather when they have 50 F. So when I have a nasty day it's funny when people want more than 50 F

    Now on the other hand I think other bloggers might be snickering at this blogger for being in such terrible weather. What I have is winter weather and fairly frigid winter weather at that. 

    So here we are one is snickering about some great spring weather that somebody has and they want still better weather. Another is snickering because somebody's weather is just like winter.

   Well right now I would like some warmer weather...maybe something above 0 C !

    Spring comes with changes in light. At this time our daylight starts to increase rapidly. We will get warmer temperatures but most of all we will get more of the sun's energy per day so our plants will grow and develop rapidly. We will have nice spring weather , just at a different time of year.

   I didn't get a photograph today but I found an older photo that shows what things look like.

Yesterday they snow plowed my street.

    My path to the bird feeder looks like this.