Thursday, August 17, 2023


      In my last post I left you with a question that brought many great comments. Since the question was on blogging , many people were very interested. People who  blog think about things. 

     Writers think about what topics they will deal with. Bloggers have a purpose. I started out just wanting to do a little writing to keep some skills. I've ended up with a hobby that is very interesting. 

     I was blown away with the quality of comments.   Thanks. 

    So I hope the person I had a discussion with is reading comments. So commenters say that we should be correct and after that you can write the way you want. You own the blog so you have the choices. Most blogs I follow have their own style of writing.

    The poor photo bloggers were left out in my post . However, photos tell a great story. 

     So the last blast from Smarty Pants was , "Anything worth doing, is worth doing well." I can live with that.