Friday, April 15, 2022


       Yesterday I went to start lunch. Yes, I always have soup for lunch. I automatically went to where the can opener is stored and what? There was no can opener there. I stared stupidly at the place where the can opener was to be. Well, maybe it was mistakenly put in the next drawer. It wasn't in the second drawer. 

     Well, I'll go back to the drawer where it's always kept. I moved a few things around to make sure it wasn't under something. I looked on the counter top. Maybe it was on the counter and I just wasn't seeing it. No, it wasn't on the counter top. Back to the second drawer and by this time I'm really throwing things around looking for that darn can opener. 

     Well, I'll take a short cut here and ask the Micro Manager if she put it somewhere. She came to my rescue and looked in the same places I looked and questioned me about where I might have put it. She looked in all the places I had looked and then she got the bright idea that I may have thrown it in the garbage. Again, I stupidly looked in the garbage.

     The search widened to other cupboards and then, there it was. The micro Manager had found the can opener beside the cloth I use to clean off the can opener!  The cloth is stored under the sink but the can opener is supposed to go in a drawer. 

     Now some people would say my can opener was lost. I would say I just couldn't find it.

    This is a common happening for people as they can't find something . Sometimes it's a very insignificant article and sometimes it's something important. Each time we can't find something it brings about a certain amount of stress.