Friday, January 28, 2022


        I'm sick of  this pandemic just like everybody else. 

        However, I have completely lost patience with the idea of antivaxxers. 

        I can see the points the antivaxxers bring up but it's what they do  with the information is where they fall off the bus.

       Today I listened to a call in show and that's the bee under my bonnet today. People called in and were not in any way prepared to listen to science people and the research they quoted.

       Yes, we know vaccines are not 100% protective but that's no reason to not be vaccinated. We want as few people as possible to not get sick or die. We want the pandemic to fade away.

      Yes, there may be things people don't want to put in their body but there are many other things they put in their body. Have they ever looked at food labels to see what's in the food they eat? It would curl your hair to see the stuff that goes in processed food. To look at medications and across the counter medications would scare you . I just looked at one of the things I take regularly and I'm going to ask to be put on something else. 

      The freedom of choice thing is a complete joke. Our freedoms are regulated so that it's fair for all. So some of these freedoms are for the good of all. Somewhere we must have a little care and responsibility for others. Somehow, we must not want people around us to get sick and die. Is it too much to get vaccinated to protect others?

      People mix apples and oranges when it comes to comparing viruses to other germs. Polio, measles etc. have almost been eradicated .

    Many people die from influenza each year. Influenza is not a pandemic. Flu shots are available to prevent most from getting flu. 

     In Canada we have truckers making a trek to Ottawa to protest about their lack of freedom because the government has mandated that they be vaccinated to cross the border. The American government has done the same thing.

     The list of whiny excuses is almost endless. I'm just as frustrated as anybody by how long the pandemic has gone on. I would very much like to be able to come and go freely without getting covid or endangering the next guy. 

     Protests are not going to make the pandemic go away any quicker. Irresponsible behavior will ensure that the pandemic lasts longer.