Sunday, November 22, 2009

I've Become a "Twit"

     Well, maybe I've been a twit before now? People's opinions may vary!

     The "old boy"  on Hiawatha House recently signed up for Twitter. It was extremely simple. A few things filled in and there it Twitter account. It was also easy to follow the mechanics of Twitter so in no time I had Twittered myself! I had also picked out a neat background pattern and text color to coordinate nicely.Then I picked up a couple of my friends so that I had followers and could really Twitter. Lesson II was very easy.Too easy maybe?

     The call to Twitter happened when a board I'm on decided to set up an account to communicate with the membership and the board itself. I was trusted with the keys of the kingdom. In other words I was given the pass word  and told to feel my way around and find out how things worked. I found the site easily enough. Then I had to sign in as a user. I came up with a user name? I also filled in a little more information. The original Twitter site seemed to have disappeared. I looked for it and was told the site could  not be  found. I puzzled my puzzler for quite awhile and tried a few different things. No way. I could not find the original site.
So ends lesson number I. 

     It slowly started to sink in that what I had done is take over the organization"s shiny new Twitter site as my own! End of lesson number III.

       Lesson number IV. Twitter is not idiot proof.

    Now it's always been my policy to admit very quickly that I have screwed up. I informed the board of my error.

     So maybe I've been a twit for longer than I thought? I believe that to say I have recently become a twit would be somewhat incorrect.