Saturday, June 10, 2017


     Starting early in the year...February, March , people start showing what is in their gardens. They are very ready to show off lilacs,peonies, bleeding hearts, daffodils, tulips...and many more. Now from my perspective, I enjoy the photos of spring flowers. In February , March I still have serious snow and frigid temperatures. It will be a long time until things start to turn green and longer yet until things bloom.

    Well, I finally caught up to ya! Yes, I may be last but I still get to post photos and brag...if anybody's listening.

    I keep telling people that our plants develop rapidly once we get the long days. The sun rose at 5:14 this morning and sets at 9:55 tonight so that means we get 16 hours an 41 minutes of sunlight. That's a lot of time for plants to make chlorophyll.

     My lilac has a purple tinge to it rather than a pale pink.
    we had another windstorm so many of the lilac petals have been blown off providing me with some lilac carpeting.
     I like irises.
  Now the light wasn't difficult here but the photographer failed to notice the situation.
     I have some showy peonies.