Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Something I Won't Wear

     Now we all have closets full of clothes that we won't wear or haven't worn for a long time. I have a perfectly good leather winter coat that I don't wear. It was in style in the 70's and then went out of style. I don't wear ties anymore but I have many ties and I probably wouldn't wear any of them. I bought a new tie for my daughter's wedding. I have dress shoes that I never wear as I don't go to things that are formal. We also tend to dress down and don't wear more formal clothes. We don't wear shirts ties and jackets to memorials any more. 

    In a recent post I wrote about a favorite leather jacket that I really liked wearing but it is long past it's best before date. 

    Today I found something that I won't wear. I'm not wearing it because I don't like it or any other reason not to wear it (like it's too small). It's a tee shirt that has special meaning and I want to keep it. One year our art teacher did a caricature of all staff and silk screened it on to tee shirts. We were given the shirts at the end of the year. The artist is a great friend and I wanted some of his art. It was a great way to remember the staff of that year. So this tee shirt is too sentimental for me to wear.

A little tight around the middle!

I found it difficult to get these to show up on the shirt so that you could see the artist's work.

    So do you have clothes you don't wear?