Thursday, June 9, 2016

I've Been a Busy Boy

      For the last three months I've had to struggle with my blog. I've posted less and had to work hard to keep up with reading posts. And at times it was a struggle to make comments.

     However, I have a brand new roof. No I didn't do it myself. I had a very able contractor redo my house roof.

    So why has this taken so much time?  I have a micro manager. Grocery shopping takes a long time. If there are 100 tomatoes in the bin, the micro manager has to look at all of them. If there are 100 apples in a bin...yes you guessed it. The micro manager has to look at all 100 apples.

    So when reroofing came up, it was a field day for the micro manager. So first of all you have fun with the shingles. You have to get every last detail about all available shingles. Then if people from the same company say something different you're on a crusade to find out what the shingle spec actually is. There is also a product called ice and water shield. You guessed it, Each product has to be researched and compared. Choices take a long time.

    If there are five shingle outlets in town you have to go to all outlets and some of them twice. This is after numerous phone calls have been made to each outlet. These outlets know the micro manager very well.

    Then you have to get estimates from contractors. Each contractor is give specifications over and over again. There are questions about each contractor's bid and you phone them back.

    We had intended to get this job done in April. We've been working at it since March. It was finally finished Mar 7. 

    So I've been very busy with this project and many other aspects of my life have been getting second place. 

    Now I haven't got any photos of this project. I'm not supposed to go on the roof. Now I have been up on the roof, but don't tell anybody. 

   So the project took almost 4 months. Most people would get a couple of quotes and chose one and a few weeks later the project would be finished.

    Maybe some day the micro manager will buy three tomatoes and only have to look at six of them!