Saturday, June 4, 2022


       As you know I have been looking at senior housing options for the last six months. 

      The learning curve is steep. With two of us making the tours, asking questions and taking information home, it's still confusing. Then they throw a few wrinkles in and the whole mix becomes more confusing. 

     The people giving you a tour are sales people. They just want to get their units full with paying customers. They try and make things as glamorous as possible. 

    I guess I've seen too many of these facilities and I'm starting to notice some devious practices. In one facility I asked if there was a damage deposit and how much. So I was told yes there is a damage deposit but you don't get it back. They use it to renovate the place when you leave. So I thought a damage deposit was to cover any damage you did? Nope, they use your damage deposit to replace carpets etc Who's to say what is done or if your damage deposit or does it  just go in their pocket. 

    Some places have a deal where you give them a dump truck load of money and you get free rent. In the case I saw , you gave them $300000.00 . So they take your 300000.00 and use it for another investment. I have never been able to follow the arithmetic on this deal. I can't get the answer they get.

    So if  an elderly confused senior looking for one of these places there easily could be some advantages taken by the business.

    I know I may have to live in one of these places some day. I hope I can avoid the tricks.