Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lena Horne:Legacy

        Lena Horne left this life last week after a long and eminent run. Lena Horne has left us many things but there are two I wish to comment on.

        Lena Horne's music influenced in many ways. She brought an interpretation to a song that was meaningful, memorable and enjoyable. Who will ever forget "Stormy Weather?" Many performers learned from what Lena Horne did and they were able to try things that they wouldn't have tried without Lena Horne's leadership. I will listen to some of Lena Horne's music again to remember.

      Lena Horne also spoke out on racism and left us the message that racism is still alive and well. Her message will make us think again and work for more equality. There were times that she was not given opportunities to perform simply because she was black. So for all those who thought racism died when slavery was ended , guess again. Racism is still here. For aboriginals racism was formalized by the Indian Act. Immigrants of color face many challenges when they come to this country.
      So Lena Horne, thanks for the music and thanks for reminding us that we still have things to do when it comes to racism.