Monday, July 19, 2021

JULY 20, 1969

     For those of you who were running around in 1969, what does the date July 20 mean? What happened on July 20, 1969? Yes , you know. A human landed on the moon for the first time. 

    For many this is an unforgettable day. You remember exactly what you were doing on this day. It's like when President Kennedy was shot. We remember exactly where we were and what happened to us. 

    I didn't plan July 20, 1969  very well as I was travelling. I was driving west north of lake Superior. I did not realize what a huge distance it was across Ontario, Canada and in particular how large lake Superior is. 

   So I was left listening to the moon landing on my car radio as I drove through the boonies. The moon landing was exciting. The closer they got to the surface the more excited I got. Just when they were a few feet off the moon surface the radio reception faded out and didn't come back on until they had landed. I remember doing some frantic dial twisting to get reception back but it didn't happen. So for me one of the issues was to lose radio reception just as they were landing.

    There have been many space trips and accomplishments since but I will always remember the moon landing. It's hard to believe that this took place 52 years ago. 

     What was your experience?