Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Have a Pulse

     This morning I went for my annual medical checkup which was a year late. I found a different Doc and was much impressed.

    This doc sent me for my lab work about six weeks before the checkup. So the first thing he did was to go over the lab results and tell me what they indicated. All test results were in the normal range. He set up a detailed chart by asking just about everything in my history. Then he started a very thorough methodical physical examination. I've never had a blood pressure cuff put on so carefully. He checked my skin for any spots which may indicate skin cancer. He checked my lungs and put the stethoscope on three positions on each side. So you get the drift. This guy did a super check up. I told him that I was pleased with his thoroughness and he told me that he liked to do a check up the way he would like to be checked.

   I've had annual check ups since my mid forties. Things were done today that had never been done before. There was communication with each action. My liver was checked! My abdomen well palpitated. My spleen was found and checked. Pulse was taken at my ankles as well as wrists! This never happened before. I appreciated the whole procedure and felt that this Doc really knew what was there and how it was.

    So after I was finished I began to think about conditions. I have my own knees, hips, liver, heart, lungs, kidneys. Some people do not have their own of these things. I'm missing some teeth and have some fake teeth. I have some loss of sight but I have my own eyes! I have some loss of hearing but I still have ears! 

   So I had a very good day. My tests were fine. The examination was well done. I went away happy. 

    I still have a pulse!