Sunday, March 29, 2020


     For some reason or other both of my kids are excellent writers. They wrote very well through school and university. They are both excellent readers. They read at a much higher level than I do. They also read a tremendous amount.

     So it was a big surprise that I got a package the other day with a book that my daughter had written. It was no surprise that she had written a book.

    She has written a small (66 pages) very tongue in cheek book on anger management (self help) regarding the political situation in her country (U.S.A.)

    So she's made an activity book that gets people to do all kinds of activities to get rid of their anger about American politics  and along the way think about things.

    The book is called Going to Hell in a Handbasket of Deplorables by M Arentz. To give you an idea of her sense of humor she said, "Mom and Dad , you knew I really couldn't help myself!"