Friday, February 11, 2022


       A few days ago I went to an ophthalmologist who has been checking my eye pressure for 5  or 6 years.  Ordinarily my eye pressure would have been high but they have discovered that people with a thicker cornea have higher pressures but it's normal and not to worry about glaucoma. 

      So this was the start of many regular checks from this ophthalmologist 

      He is known as very abrupt with very few words however he is known as a good ophthalmologist. 

     My visit this week was not pleasant. You go through a series of three test stations. The first station was with the eye chart and pressure measurement. The "tester" tried about 10 times for each eye and didn't get a pressure measurement. Her machine said that I had blinked. No one has ever had to give me more that one shot of air to measure my eye pressure. She also put some kind of drops in my eyes. Then someone came to the door and called her out and said it was necessary. I sat for 20 minutes without explanation. Two people walked in and out without communication. Then someone came in to complete the tests. They retook my eye pressure and put in more drops even though I told them I had drops. By this time I was somewhat upset. I contemplated just leaving. The rude "tester" took me to do the peripheral test. I was so unnerved by this time that when asked to take off my glasses , I told her they were in my pocket and she rudely said , "You're wearing them." 

    After the three sets of tests, his royal highness saw me. His conclusion:(1) you're seeing alright and (2) you don't have cataracts.

   Well unknown to him, my optometrist decided I should have cataracts removed. I have been referred to another ophthalmologist .

    So the staff was rude and the guy's conclusions were both off the mark. In the last year and a half my vision has deteriorated. 

    So never again will I visit this guy. 

    I'm fairly tolerant but not tolerant to put up with this service.