Friday, December 28, 2018


    Yesterday I saw a twitter quote that advocated liars be given special penalties and if you were a politician the penalty  should be more.  This caught my eye and I said , "Yes."

    At this time our politicians have no qualms about saying anything even if it's untrue. The can embellish the lie. They can twist the lie. They can repeat the lie. 
Why should politicians be able to lie to us with impunity?

    I was a teacher. Would I be allowed to tell lies. How about your doctor or dentist telling lies. What about a nurse telling lies. For these people it's a matter of your life and death. Used car salesmen who tell lies can get into serious trouble. 

    Why do we let politicians of all stripes lie to us?

    Recently my Face Book page has been filled with revolting untruths and threats of harm to other politicians. In this age of easy graphics there are all kinds of disgusting pictures.

    It seems that we have nothing we can use  to put a stop to the liars. 

    One thing that would help is if we did not vote for liars. First of all, we would need a very reliable party that didn't deal in lies. 

    The Internet and Face book have made it easy to lie and be invisible. There are too many false identities which politicians can use to spread their lies.

    I think that we are at a time where serious penalties have to be applied to lying politicians. 

    What kinds of penalties do you think would work and what should those penalties be?