Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First New Snow

      We are receiving our first snow of the fall season. It's a cool, dull , wet , miserable day. 
The grass is just covered.

      The first day of snow is always a downer. Once we get past the first snow things don't seem so bad. We get quite  few of these false starts where the snow falls and melts. Now we know it's going to melt and we will get more nice weather and probably some very warm days. Golfing and cycling are not over. Towards the end of October and the beginning of November the snow will accumulate and even then we can get a Chinook or mild spell and lose the snow.

      Snow at this time of year is always wet and half melts as it hits the ground. The ground still  has heat so snow melts. The roads have more heat so the snow does not stay on the roads. 
The lilac leaves holding some snow.

    The foothills to the west are to get 10 cm (4 in.) of snow. The Rockies will get much more.

    So for now it's kind of a rest day where you can stay inside . In a couple of days we will be finishing some more fall gardening.