Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cell Phone Surprise!

     I had advertised two bikes for sale. One person had phoned me to make an appointment to come and buy one of the bikes. As this call was sooner than I had expected I went out to clean up the bike a bit and pump up the tires.

     When I was out the phone rang and my wife answered. No one replied when she answered. She could hear weird noises and thought that maybe ot was a prank call but there was a name and number on call display. She said hello several more times and then decided to leave the caller on line and hoped they would discover they couldn't use the phone if she didn't hang up. We were spooked a couple a days ago when we received a call that was very suspicious and fit the pattern of a well publicized scam. The caller had left a message that they were from a bank and had an urgent message for me and that I was to call back. This was 7:00PM so I decides to wait and call the bank the next morning. So my wife's apprehension was totally justified in this case.

     After 18 minutes some very surprised person discovered his cell phone was on and could not figure out why it had dialed our number. My wife gave him a rough time because by this time she was not only upset, she was livid. We discovered that it was the guy who was coming to buy the bike. When he got to my place he discovered that indeed the call was from his cell and he had discovered what had happened. He had a touch phone and had not turned it off so when he put it in his pocket the touch rang my number. So for 18 minutes we could hear noise, conversation in two languages and no one responding to us.

     Now the cell phone was in the guy's pocket and the sound was not good but I can well imagine that some discussions that could have taken place could have been pretty "interesting." This gentleman was certainly surprised as to what had happened and a little embarrassed. He apologized profusely. So sometimes cell phones are capable of causing a big surprise.