Saturday, August 6, 2022


      Well, I've ben busy . So busy that I've not been able to read the posts on some days.  

       It's not pleasant getting so far behind that you don't have enough time to read blogs or make comment. 

     We've had some nasty weather so some of the jobs outdoors in the yard cannot get done. It's been hot. Too hot for an old guy to be out in the afternoon. 

      But what has really taken my time is cataract surgery. In my case I have to arrange rides because the Micro Manager doesn't drive. The eye clinic hospital is about 30 km away. 

    Two days before surgery you have a regime of eyedrops which keep you close to home. Then you have to arrange the necessary materials to take along to the hospital. The total time for the procedure is about four hours.

     You have several people come around with charts and ask questions. You get eyedrops about six times. The anesthetist has a little visit with you. 

      Then they actually prepare you for surgery. An IV is hooked up. Oxygen is applied. You wait and finally you are wheeled into the OR. The surgeon says hello. He asked me to look at a light. I looked at ceiling lights instead of the one in his machine. Then it was lights out for me. I woke up and was in recovery and then wheeled to the Micro Manager. My ride was there and we went home. 

     When I got out of the car I was very dizzy and it's a good thing my driver caught me before I did an eye plant. 

     The next morning I visited the surgeon and he pronounced that it was good and took off the eye shield. Vision was disappointing but I found out later it takes some time for everything to adjust. 

     So now I'm on three sets of drops four times a day. There are many restrictions on activities for the first seven days after surgery. 

     I'm amazed at the new vision I have. Things are bright and clear. Needless to say I am pleased. 

     On Aug. 16 I get the right eye done.

    A heads up for any prospective cataract patients. Have a very good look on the web for information on cataract surgery. You will get all kinds of information that the surgeon likely won't tell you.