Thursday, May 16, 2024


      Lately blogging has been a struggle. It's been hard to think of interesting things to say. I have not been out with the camera. Now that I've said that, I know what I'll do tomorrow. I'll get out and get some spring photos so that you can compare your spring to mine.

     I want to whine and make excuses about not posting but that would not be very honest. Yes, I've been busy in my mind, but others would disagree with me. 

     What I've found out is that if you're not very active, topics are are to come by. Spring weather has been variable and not really nice . We haven't had warm weather so every time we have a nice day I'm working in my yard. Some of those precious nice days are occupied with appointments of one kind or another. We've had lots of smoke on some days.

     One day I did not reply to comments and I feel that if someone goes to the effort of making a comment they deserve a reply. I have read all the comments. Once again I think that comments are an interesting and important part of blogging.

    So my tomatoes are on the south side of the house. My radish and lettuce are seeded. I should say my radish that never develop to and edible stage. Radishes don't like me!

     Today I went to a stress test. You feel pretty awful from the preparations. No coffee for 24 hours. No breakfast. And with all that I do not sleep well so I feel fairly woosy at test time. Tomorrow I find out if I passed. I must be glowing as they use a tremendous amount of nuclear stuff. It was an interesting process. The new technology used is amazing.