Tuesday, April 3, 2018


     Now before everybody starts laughing, I do help the Micro Manager to do spring house cleaning.  Spring house cleaning can be a big job and the micro Manager has trouble meeting that challenge. 

    Now some people may not be familiar with the term spring house cleaning. There is a pattern here where people give their house a thorough cleaning in the spring. Major dusting is done. The walls may be washed. Clothes closets are cleaned out. You get the idea.

     Last spring was the first time I participated fully in house cleaning. I admit I wasn't happy about it, but it has to be done. 

    So there's some bickering during the house cleaning season.

    Now we've been trying to downsize for maybe 10 or 15 years. Yes, we've got rid of things but there's still an enormous amount of stuff left.

    That's where the bickering comes on the cleaning. The Micro Manager complains that it's a big job. I threaten to go on strike . Why? Well there are many things in the house that are unnecessary in my humble opinion. 

    We have too many nick knacks and stuff hanging on the walls.

    So what did I do yesterday? I went around and counted all things attached to the wall or ceiling and all things set on a table, desk or floor. I didn't count necessary things like radios, knife sets, bread boxes, micro waves, toaster ovens etc. I counted 238 of these objects.  Now I know that two of the bloggers I follow will have many times more of these objects. They probably have more than 238 Christmas ornaments. Ornaments are their hobby.

    It's just that the house cleaning job would be much easier without all the clutter.

   Who does spring cleaning? 

   Who has more than 238 objects? Maybe I'm just a whiner to complain about the situation?

    See any nick knacks her besides me?