Wednesday, November 29, 2023


      We usually think as November being dull and cloudy. The days are short. Today the sun rose at 8:19 and set at 4:27. That meant 8 hours and 8 minutes of sun. 

     However , there is one bright spot on the horizon. 

    When driving at these times the sun is so low all day that it just nicely shines in your car windows no matter what time of day it is. So in the morning if you are going east you look almost directly into the sun. At noon the sun is brighter but is still shines directly in the car windows, Same thing going west in the afternoon. 

    So November days may be dull with weak sun as it's on an angle that  is going through much of the atmosphere. But since the rays are low they hit you in the eye.

     Well, it could be  worse. Sunrise in Inuvik today is 12:34 and sunset 2:48 for 2 hours and 14 minutes of sun. 

     Here's two shots of the same thing from Nov. 19

Sunday, November 26, 2023


    I'm not a photographer. Don't argue with me on that one. I take photos. That is all. 

    However, the other day I came across something that was interesting and took a photo. 

    So here's the photo and then I'll tell you what my problem is. 

    I was standing on a little footbridge and looked into a little pond on the creek and I saw  crystal clear reflection , You can see ice on the edge of the pond. 

    Then I looked around for some perspective. Normally you would open things up and show the trees on the bank and the reflections together. 

   Well that wouldn't work. I was on a foot bridge . The image was quite far down . the tree was on a high bank. Even if I did take the bridge railing off I couldn't get the whole image. 

   So I'll have to be content with a pretty image and complete lack of perspective. 

   I went to the other side of the bridge and there was the typical reflection photo. So you see the trees and reflection in the same photo.

    This came out of my walk on Nov. 19. 

Friday, November 24, 2023


       This is not meant to be a post with pretty photos. 

       I quite often walk the path along this creek about 1 km from my house. The banks are steep and the land has never been developed. 

      Native species are  there but there are many invasives.

     Put that together with all the different soil types and you have a variety of scrubby  vegetation. So in these photos it shows areas with vegetation which struggles with poor conditions. 

       The second photo is just a poor photo. I swear that the other photos were in better focus in the camera . However it was a very gray day. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2023


      The grammar police visited my post A Memory. 

      Have you ever had grammar police visit your blog? 

     This visit was more of a raid as they went a little further than just grammar. 

     I had tried to say that Mr Pudding from Yorkshire Pudding had been to his favorite pub for quiz night. Question # 12 gave me a good memory for my post. I was chastised because  I hadn't explained "Mr Pudding" or "Yorkshire Pudding" In fact, they thought that so much was missing that I may have had a TIA. Well part of this is their problem but I admit that it was a  sloppy paragraph. 

   There were further omissions and out right mistakes. I confess to some very poor editing. I was in a hurry. 

   So this would bring up a question for bloggers. How much should we concern ourselves with grammar? Are bloggers supposed to work to rule? Is it necessary to have completely correct grammar? I'm sure everybody has their own opinions. What makes up a good blog? Does it take correct grammar to have a good blog? 

    When you read my blog I think you see that I am somewhat informal. That's me. I'm that kind of person.

    When I read your blogs, which are all good, I see different styles. People can write the way they talk and it makes for an interesting blog. 

     With so much variety blogging is very interesting. 

      So since I have confessed to some errors, will the grammar police wonder what I'm talking about or will bloggers wonder what grammar police are? There seems to be something wrong with my last sentence but I don't know what it is. 


Sunday, November 19, 2023


     On Oct. 23 we had a heavy snowfall. I predicted  that it would be our winter snow and not melt until the spring.

    Well, 99% of it is gone. We've had beautiful weather and the snow has melted. Temperatures have been well above average. 

   This would be what my Dad would call an open fall. 

                                      This was Oct 23

       Today NOV 19.This is the most snow I could find.

                 Today Nov 19. Sea any snow here?

Wednesday, November 15, 2023


      Mr. Pudding from Yorkshire pudding was at a quiz night when # 12 was. What does the term weenie mean in North America.

     He didn't get it but it reminded me of a story revolving around a weenie roast. In my day the weenie roast was common and happened many times quite by accident.

    So in my days in Inuvik the Mackenzie river was he center of many things. It was spring...the beginning of June. The ice hadn't gone out on the Mackenzie river. But there was a rumor that is was going out this night. We had never seen the ice go out so about ten of us decided we would go down and wait for the ice to go out. And why not take a package of wieners and some buns and have a weenie roast while we waited. It was a mixed group of friends. The midnight sun was bright . We found some firewood...there was lots of it and built a fire and waited. 

    About 2:00 AM we decided the ice wasn't going out and  slowly went home. We all had to be at work in the morning. 

   Now the Mackenzie River divides into many channels but there is a main channel. Being white men who knew everything we had been taken in by some aboriginals who assured us the river would break up. The break up on the channel we were at would be great but not spectacular. 

    The main channel of the river is where the excitement takes place. There are enormous blocks of ice flying around and and enormous flow of water. 

    Any river that flows from south to north has a gigantic spring break up. It's warmer in the south and there's much melting. In the north the ice is still solid but the huge flow of water breaks up on the river. The ice is about 4 or 5 feet think. 

    So this is a weenie roast I'll remember and I never got to see the river break break up. 

Monday, November 13, 2023


     Today my clothes dryer did some funny things which made it so that it didn't work. The timer would go from 29 to one and quit. One time it went from 41 to 34. Skipped 34 to 9. skipped 3 and 4 and went to 0. Needless to say we didn't get many clothes dried. 

     We got this dryer in March of 23 so I hope there's still some warranty on it. With all the computer boards on everything these days you really don't know what the problem is. 

     Now on the farm my mother had the same clothes dryer for 35 years. It did not have a warranty. It broke a few times but was working again in a few minutes. All you had to do was tie the wire together again. Mother's clothes dryer was outside made of wires set around a pulley at each end. Mother took her clothes basket out side and pinned the clothes to the wire. As she needed more space to hang clothes she used the pulley to move the clothes already on the line. 

    It didn't take long and the clothes were dry and fresh smelling.

    Winter weather made this clothes drier very painful to use. Working with wet hands in freezing weather was painful. The clothes would dry a bit and then she'd bring them in as they were frozen stiff. She's hang them in the house until they were dry. 

    So I'm wondering if I should put a couple of posts in the yard, buy a couple of pulleys and some wire and dry my clothes outside? 

Saturday, November 11, 2023


     Today was just a super day for mid November. 

     We had heavy snowfall on Oct. 23. I thought ,"This is it. We have snow all winter."

      Surprise, Surprise. We've had mild weather since about Oct. 25. Today most of our snow is gone. 

     We've had a super day with a high of plus 10 C (50 F). 

     The average high for the month of November is 0 C (32 F) so at 10 C we're well above the average high.

    It was chinooking today so it was windy and warm. I did not get a photo of the chinook arch.

    The forecast for the next seven days is great with highs above freezing all the time.

    In spite of such pleasant weather , I put up my Christmas lights today. So to make my kids happy, I did not climb the ladder (very high) as I put the lights low down on the house.

    And I walked at 8 PM and it was most pleasant. 

Thursday, November 9, 2023


      I have been struggling to post this last week. 

      I have some excuses though!

      The Micro Manager has a torn rotator cuff that she's left far too long to get some treatment. Those lucky people who have experienced torn rotator cuff know that it is painful and just plane miserable. The Micro Manager is experiencing a lot of pain so I've had to do more of the work.

     I'm also trying to launch two other projects to keep me busy during the winter but if I don't get at them winter will be over. I've started a family history. I want other members of the family to contribute. That's going to be a challenge. 

    I also want to pull posts out of Hiawatha house and put them into a separate blog which will work into a biography. So If anybody knows a fast, dirty and simple way to pull posts out of a blog and place them in another blog let me know. 

    So I've set out some challenges and work for me.

    If you're going to blog , you have to be able to think about subjects to write about. I haven't been doing that . 

Saturday, November 4, 2023


       Thursday evening I went to a rodeo.

       How did I get to a rodeo? A company that I am a customer of, always treats their clients to a roast beef dinner. So there we are once a year at a fine dinner and with tokens in our pockets for drinks. They also gave us rodeo tickets so that's how I got to the rodeo.

        We have the Canadian Finals Rodeo here so it shows off the best talent on the rodeo circuit. Only the top ten in each category get to enter and compete in this rodeo. These performers have competed for the last year at rodeos and these were the best. 

      At this time of year rodeos are in arenas. 

     Now I don't go to rodeos anymore. I used to go once in a while but they were to summer events. I prefer the summer outdoor rodeo. I also like the chuck wagon races and you can't have those in an arena.

     Now I got to the rodeo a little late. The lights in the stands were dim. I couldn't find my seat. You just couldn't see the signage. Oh yes, you needed an magnifying glass to read the info on the ticket stub. Finally I ran into an usher.  I had seats in the wheelchair section and she had to get us chairs. 

     Okay, my second gripe is that they have the sound system turned up to about a 1000 decibels. With hearing aids, I hear very little. Just noise!

     After all that I had fun although I didn't stay for the whole show . 

Wednesday, November 1, 2023


       I'm so old that they didn't lock things when I was a kid. 

     A couple of things I mentioned in my last post reminded me of what it was like when I was a kid in the 40's and 50's. When I mentioned pushing cars around at Halloween I suddenly remembered some things about cars and houses.

      When I was a kid in the 40's to 60's , we did not lock anything. In fact we left the keys in the car ignition. That's the kind of world we lived in. The really old cars did not have keys. They had a toggle switch with off and on. Some people modified things so that they didn't need a key to start the car. They were more worried about losing keys than cars to theft. 

    So we could have driven the cars around instead of pushing them. All we did was put the car gears in neutral and three or four kids could move the car. One kid had to steer. 

    Houses were not locked on farms or in the villages and small towns. When Mom and Dad went away one time, they decided to lock the house. The problem was they couldn't find the key so the house was left unlocked. 

    When I first came to this city in 1969, I did not lock my house door or my car. Shortly after that I started locking both but was not that rigorous about it. I learned that I was in the city and it was different. Somehow time had moved on so that most cars and houses were locked. 

Monday, October 30, 2023


      Origins  of Halloween are interesting. But I'm going to bore you with my childhood Halloween experience.

       For the most part there was nothing.

       My childhood was in the 40's and 50's. We lived in a rural area where everything was limited. Halloween treats were just not heard of. Even in the village kids did not go from house to house for treats. Most people didn't have the spare cash to buy candy. Going house to house for treats was not heard of. Farms were too far apart to go from house to house and transportation was limited. 

      In school we had a Halloween party in the afternoon. Some kids had costumes. The teacher used it for an art class. We bobbed for apples. That was it. 

     The main idea at that time was tricks and some of the tricks were not funny and damage was done. The idea was to scare people so various mysterious noises were made. The first kids who came to our house sneaked on to the yard. They had a small home made device that made a loud noise on the window. We were alarmed as we didn't expect anything. 

     In the village a common trick was to tip over the out houses and move things around from place to place. Since cars were not locked they were easily pushed from place to place. Someone could find their car at somebody else's house. In my first year of high school the police man came and got the boys to go around and tip  the outhouses back up. I was a little upset as I hadn't been with the gang to upset out houses. 

    So Halloween when I was a kid was much different than it is today. My first trick or treating was when I took my own kids out trick or treating. I remember one night that  was bitterly cold. They were young enough that I had to go with them. I was cold and wanted to go home. Not my two little pumpkins. They wanted to keep going and they did.

    Much has changed about Halloween in my life time.

Friday, October 27, 2023


         Now I don't gamble! 

         But I do eat at a casino where the food is excellent and cheap. 

        However, some time ago the casino persuaded me to get a loyalty card. It saved me 2 bucks on the buffet. I thought nothing more about it. 

       So a year after I get a promo saying they hadn't seen any action in my account and here's 20 bucks in points to play with. A couple of weeks ago they gave me another 20000 points. You can only gamble with your points and any money comes from what you win. 

     So I got one of the staff to help me spend my points. It's complicated . You have an to me. You put your pin number in and it tells you how much you have to play with. I'm not sure of all the steps and I couldn't do it myself. However, you choose how big your bets should be and then start hitting play until  3 figures come up in a row. Then they decide how much money you get? How they figure that out I don't know.

     However, one hit came up and I won $43.00. I immediately cashed it out and kept playing. They couldn't take my $43.00 away as I wouldn't play with it. I continued playing until all my points were used up. The machine shows you how much you have to play with and when it's all used up. 

    The Micro Manager played and she won $12.50. We cashed in and went home. 

    Does this make a gamble of me? Never! Am I tempted? Never. You feel silly and angry that you put money in the machines. 

    So the bumbling gambler, with a lot of help from the staff,  played his points and went home still not knowing how to run the machines. 

Monday, October 23, 2023


       Well, no surprise. We're getting a major dump of snow. We had 2 - 3 inches by about 4.30 PM. It's been coming down steadily since then. I will shovel again this evening. 

      The first phots were taken in the day time . The others were taken this evening. 

Saturday, October 21, 2023


      84 years ago today was a very pleasant warm day on the Saskatchewan prairie when a baby boy was born in a small wooden shack to a young couple. Yes, That was me!

     Since I was the oldest the birth must have impressed them and Dad told this story many times to anyone who would listen. He never told me the story. I just remember listening to it many times.

    The country doctor attended and sat and smoked and read the Reader's Digest. Mom's two friends Linda Kabernik and Margaret Mehaffey attended to the serious business of the event. The doctor probably tied my cord and left. For all that work, or lack of work, the Doctor got $10.00. 

    Meanwhile on that warm day Dad stayed busy on the yard. His help was to stay out of the way. 

    I always think that I've been fortunate to have the story of my birth. I don't remember my siblings having much of a story about their births. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2023


       I thought today would be a good day to write about the terrible issues between Hamas and Israel.

      Then I thought, wait a minute. What do I know about the situation? I would be parroting opinions of others and I would succeed in upsetting people. 

      So I'll write about a related issue that I have some knowledge about.

     Western Canada was opened in the late 1800's for settlers to come to the area. Most people like my ancestors were interested in farming. However, there had to be some businesses established to serve the people. Many Europeans came to Saskatchewan, which is my home province

     One group who came were Jews. They set up small general stores . To supply settlers. The Jews came to the small villages and towns and lived a very lonely life. They did not participate in community activities and were shunned. However, they worked hard and made a meagre living. Our town had a clothing store which was owned by a Jew. There was not another clothing store for many miles. With the transportation at that time a local clothing store was very convenient. 

     As time went on the poorer Jewish business men went on to work for others. Some Jews became involved with larger businesses like machinery dealerships or car dealerships.

    They were also active in artistic and academic fields.

     One interesting book I read was "Don't You Know it's 40 below" by Jack Kates It details the life of a Jewish family in a small village. It's well worth a read. 

     Fredelle Bruser Maynard is another writer who gives a description of Jewish life on the prairies.

    One man had a store in a very small community. He had music talent and formed a community band. The band won many competitions. Abe Katz was well liked and respected in the community. When He left they had a celebration for him and gave him some money. Very few Jews received this treatment.

   Sadly the Jewish people were not treated well here but managed to succeed. They are still here but have moved to larger centers where they  can practice their religion and conduct social events. 

Sunday, October 15, 2023


      Today we had one of those bright warm sunny fall days. We had a high of 20 C. I was lucky enough to be out for two hours this afternoon. I went to this area last fall but a little earlier before the leaves dropped. I was surprised at how much was left to photograph and that there were still awesome colors. 

      So here goes.

Thursday, October 12, 2023


       Our school board was very progressive in promoting professional development.  They backed up their ideas with money. They started a clause 14 which was a fund calculated so that every teacher got to attend an in service every 2 1/2 years. 

       Well, guess what? Not every teacher wanted to participate in professional development. So there was money left. Well, you know who applied for money that was left. Sometimes I got to go to 2 PD sessions in one year. 

      Now we are between Edmonton and Calgary and Banff and Jasper are just as handy. Both Calgary and Edmonton have Universities so there were many capable people to put on workshops. Who wouldn't want to go to Banff or Jasper for an PD session? 

     Now the board also hired well known scholars to do major professional development. .

     They hired Madeline Hunter to get us all on the same page as far as lesson planning and presentation was concerned. 

     It was also an excellent tool for teacher evaluation.  

    So there you have it. I beat the system and I have no egrets. 

Monday, October 9, 2023


       Today was a holiday so CBC  radio played some old reruns.

       The one that caught my ear was Stuart Mclean reading one of his stories.

       Stuart Mclean was a well loved Canadian author and story teller. He had a long running radio show on CBC . One of the features of the show was Stuart reading one of his stories.

     The stories were based on a family Dave, Morley, Sam (son) and Stephany (daughter). Each of the family had some huge inadequate parts of character and ability. Each one of them also had some tremendous strong abilities and character. Stuart's stories wound around the abilities and weaknesses of this family. There were also people in the neighborhood that the family interacted with. There was Mary Turlington, who was a know it all. Carl Lowbeer, who was a retired engineer and was a little lonely. Kenny Wong, who made and sold meat pies and was a friend of Daves. Their was Arthur the dog. There was a whole neighborhood for this family to interact with. 

     Today's story was suitable for the season. Morley, an inept gardener all her life, was cleaning up her garden. When Sam was 8 or 9 Morley had tried to interest him in gardening. She bought him a special little Tonka back hoe trying to interest him in gardening. It didn't work. Today she was cleaning up under the peony and hit something with her trowel. She pulled and it was The little digger she had given to Sam for his gardening. 

     Mclean wrote hundreds of these stories and they are on You Tube. 

     So today  when I heard Stuart reading this story there was a nostalgic moment or two.

    Very sadly Stuart died a few years ago . I miss his readings and stories. I do have two of his books.

    Check on You Tube and listen to some of his stories.

Sunday, October 8, 2023


     Tomorrow is  Canadian Thanksgiving. Traditionally it was a time to consider the harvest of fruit and vegetables and animals. People produced their own food and they had to produce enough to last a whole year. No sneaking over to the store when you run short of things. 

     As time went on Thanksgiving became a time of general thankfulness for what we were given in that year. 

     So this year I am thankful more than ever for my life. Next week sometime I will be 84. As my Irish twin says. "The numbers are getting big."

    I am fortunate now to have very good health. Yes, I have aches and pains. I can live with them. I have no big health issues. I do not have any of the usual problems the elderly have. I don't have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or any of the usual senior issues. I am very thankful for my good health. After I finish this post I'll go out for my nightly 3 km walk. 

       I do all my own yard work because I can and I like it. I dig my vegetable garden by hand.

    I don't think I'm sliding into any of the age related conditions such as dementia. 

   A friend and I discussed yesterday our short term memory challenges . We admit it but decided that we can live with it.

   So I'm thankful for the good things I have at this age and look forward to more good things. 

    So Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian pals. 

Thursday, October 5, 2023


      I have been writing about some of the adventuresome things I've done in my life. I've had comments like "You lived and interesting life." In my last post I'm crawling, walking up Windy Point Ridge . At least that's what we called it.

     Young men usually have a short period in their life when they think they are invincible and do some crazy things. I had that invincible period in my life but it lasted longer than most.  Once I passed through the invincible stage of my life I still had some fun like backpacking and crawling around the Rocky Mountains. 

    However, I was involved in may other activities even though they were much calmer. 

   I was very active in many aspects of teaching. I went to every professional development activity I could. So I attended many conferences and  workshops. I was also on the executive of the English Language Arts conference. This meant some travelling during the year. I was involved with Alberta Teachers Association. 

    Now all these activities may have been very interesting to me but I can't make interesting blog posts from them. 

   In my 40's life could have been become much more adventurous as one on the ATA presidents did not like flying into the north. I was asked to consider taking her place for the northern activities she would be involved in. I turned it down. It meant being away from home and an extra workload preparing for substitute teachers. I've often regretted not taking that position.

    So as hard as I may try, I don't think I could make a conference interesting. 

   The biggest conference I attended was the  conference in Washington D.C. in 1992. It was in the hotel where Reagan was shot. The venue was huge so this little prairie boy's eyes were wide open. I was also given a couple of extra days to be a tourist. When I got home I had to give a report to all my  colleagues and share all the goodies I had picked up.

    So that's all you're going to get on my professional development activities. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2023


      Some of you may have heard of the Grizzly bear attack that killed two people in Alberta. Other people have asked about it. People know that my city is Red Deer. The site of the attack was described as the Red Deer River Valley. 

     The attack site was west of Sundre , AB which is about 50 km from me. To be more precise the attack took place in the area of the Ya Ha Tinda ranch which is used to keep the horses for Banff National park. Ya Ha Tinda is 2 hr and 20 min from where I live. 

     The head waters of the Red Deer river begin in that area where several small streams join. . The river continues east across Alberta for 724 km before joining the South Saskatchewan River .

    When you hike in the Rocky mountains grizzly bear evidence is very obvious. The bears dig up great chunks of soil looking roots to feed on. Sometimes you find several acres that have been rooted up. When we would get to these areas we would make as much noise as possible as the idea is that the bear doesn't  want to see you and will run away. I have never seen a grizzly bear in the wild even though we've gone by some very recent diggings.

    I have never hiked in this area as there are many other areas that have easier access. These photos are from the Abraham Lake area. 

You can se the road along the lake so you get an idea of altitude. 

   The two people who  were killed were very experienced hikers. They were well prepared for bears. It's very sad that they likely did all the right things but were still killed. 


Friday, September 29, 2023


      Over the years I taught about 3000  students in this area. I have lost touch with about 99% of them. Two former students live across the street from me. One of my former students is a city councellor. Many of them are teachers so I keep in touch with them. One former student came back to the same school and taught with me.

     One student I was reminded about today is Ricky.

    Ricky was a tiny little guy with a face full of freckles and lots of wild unruly red hair. His lips were flapping all the time. Ricky liked controversy. He was right in it immediately  when any disagreements occurred. Ricky had a few problems when it came to debate. Quite often he was missing information on either side of the issue. At other times he misinterpreted things and at other times he was just plain wrong.

    Today I accidentally found myself on a local history face book page. Ricky was on the page. Our school had too major fires and one smaller fire. As usual Ricky did not know about one of the fires. That didn't stop him from talking about the fires. 

    So on Ricky's face book page it shows a bald man so he's lost his unruly red hair. It shows a short rather chunky man. 

    So there you have a little twerp almost 50 years from his time in gr 7. Some things change and others never change. 

   It was good to see Ricky again even if it was only on face book. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2023


       My great next door neighbor showed why he's so good today.

       Our back entry just had a cement step with three steps. There were no surrounding rails at the side or back. Kids did fall off the back step but they bounce up with no harm done.

      So today, Tyson made a railing that fits against the wall so that we can come up the back steps with something to hang on to. The Micro Manager needs the railing to safely come up or go down the steps. There's also a hook at the top of the railing for her to hang her purse while she unlocks the door. 

So Tyson, this rail is much appreciated. 

    Tyson is also a para medic so if we do fall down the steps there's somebody to take care of us. Tyson also shovels snow if I don't get out right away. 

   Thanks Tyson. 

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Thursday, September 21, 2023


     The helicopter ride was fun but the dinner had it's laugh and cry moments. 

     The Captain was on the deck to welcome us to the ship. He was dressed in a formal dress uniform , shirt etc. Since I was classified as a local administrator, for some strange reason I was to be of equal rank. He was an excellent host. 

    Now my  paternal family were Ukrainian, Polish, Russian peasants. They had a small plot of land...40 acres. There wasn't any lumber so they had a small clay house. These houses were made with a mixture of straw and clay. There was a dirt floor and straw roof. They were warm but small. They had only  very basic cooking utensils. They did not have a stove but a fireplace. 

    When they came to Canada they had very few cooking utensil and built the same kind of clay house. Things were limited. 

    On my maternal side they were also very poor and did itinerant farm labor. 

   As a result  formal manners around eating were limited. In fact, they were unknown. 

   When my Dad set up house he bought cooking equipment on auction sales. We did not have a set of cutlery or dishes. Your spoon, knife and fork may have come from 3 different sets. 

    Well, you can predict what's coming next. The dinner on the ship was very, very formal. I had never heard or seen salad forks or the proper place for soup spoons.  Or soup spoons for that matter.  Some of the dishes I had never seen before. Or for that matter more than knife , fork and spoon on a place setting.  I was not used to being told where to sit. I sat down before the Captain told us where to sit. As a result there were quite a few boo boos as far as etiquette was concerned. 

    The Captain was a gracious host. We had good conversation. We had soup, salad, main course and desert. For us the best part was salad as we hadn't had any fresh produce for a year. We still talk about the salad. 

    So the trip back had a heavier load. 

     I had also learned a few things about eating that evening. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2023


      A former student told a few days ago of her 10 or so years working for Stars air Ambulance in the promotion department. She had an official looking photo of herself in a helicopter with the helmet and all. 

      This reminded me of my helicopter rides in the Arctic. The ice breakers would come in and do a medical check on all aboriginals. This is where the dreaded tuberculosis was picked up and people were taken south for treatment. Most people were taken to the ice breaker on the tender. However some where taken by included. 

      One summer an ice breaker was doing sounding at the end of Wakeham bay. They were preparing for shipping ore from one of the mines about 50 km inland. 

      One day the helicopter came over with a message from the captain. He was inviting us for dinner. Well, yes we'll come for dinner. The helicopter came back to pick us up at the appointed time and take us to the ship.

      Well the 10 minute ride was pleasant but The ship looked awfully small from 10 miles away. When we got closer we could see the circles the helicopter was to land in. The circles were very, very small. So all of a sudden down we go and guess what? We landed exactly in the circle. 

     We had a nice dinner with the captain and then the helicopter took us back to our house. 

    Returning to Wakeham Bay after dinner on the D'Iberville. You can see how small the village was and yes, that's snow on the hills behind the village in July. It's snow left over from the winter. 

Landing pad on the D'Iberville. 

Saturday, September 16, 2023


     In early Sept. I noticed that a zucchini was becoming a  very different shape. It was becoming a 90 degree angle. Apparently the front of the zucchini got stuck on the ground but the zucchini kept on growing. Fruits and vegetables quite often have weird shapes. 

     Then sometimes the zucchini owners can get bent out of shape. So this particular zucchini owner thought the zucchini would make some kind of collar! 

     Another caption may be "some people don't have enough to do."