Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"It's a Beautiful Day in my Neighborhood"

      This huge poplar tree is directly across the street from me. Since it's such a large tree and has brilliant yellow leaves I couldn't resist a photo. I wanted more light from the rising sun , but that was not to be.

Many of the leaves have dropped from this tree but it's still got color
      Trees in the neighborhood are from 6 m (20 ft.)  to 14 m (45 ft.) high with some spruce at 28 m (80 ft.) Some variety of poplars were planted and are up to  30 m(100 ft.) and stand out over the whole district. The tree dwarfs the house in front of it.

    The spruce help to show the yellow of the poplar leaves.

      So it was "a beautiful day in my neighborhood."