Wednesday, August 29, 2018


     Garden to me is a vegetable garden. I love growing vegetables. I like to see the plants grow and develop. Best of all I like eating fresh produce.

     Gardens here get planted about mid May. 

     By the end of June most plants are well on the way . However, this year around the end of June I began noticing a plant that I thought I hadn't seeded. I knew it wasn't a weed. It looked like a cucumber plant but I didn't seed cucumbers. I didn't think it was a zucchini. 

     Fruit formed. It looked like cantaloupe but I didn't seed cantaloupe. As the fruit developed it became obvious that it was a cantaloupe. I was disappointed that the melons split and would not mature. I was surprised that they did as well as they did.

     So how did cantaloupe seeds get in my garden.  When we do a cantaloupe we throw the seeds in the compost. On one cantaloupe the seeds must have been mature enough the germinate. This has never happened before and we eat about one cantaloupe per month.