Tuesday, July 27, 2021


    I have been known to rant about call centers from time to time. I have a long list of complaints about call centers. If anyone wants to start a petition to outlaw call centers, count me in.

    But recently, the call centers are playing a new game which is more insulting than ever.

    Recently call centers have set it up so that you can be called back. I take that option rather than hang on the line for an hour and listen to terrible music over the phone. 

    So when they phone back they ask if you still want the call back and if you will take it. After you breathlessly say yes and think that you finally can talk to someone, they make you wait longer. So here I am waiting on the phone again for someone To take their sweet time about answering my call. It's insulting. 

     I like to have some control over things. I like to be able to make or take a call when it is convenient to me not when it's convenient for the other guy.

    I like to have some control over my life. 

    Where are we going next with telephones and call centers?