Sunday, July 21, 2019


    The Micro Manager had a medical appointment the other day. She takes medical appointments seriously so she wears some better clothes. Now since it is summer she wore sandals...nice gold sandals. 

    The micro manager also likes to combine trips so that she can be more efficient.

    The second call was to a metal recycling business . In other words a junk yard that buys metal. She had some copper pipe and other metal that she wanted to sell. 

   I think you can see now a recipe for trouble. 

  She had phoned ahead to find the address of the place and what metals they would take and what money would be paid for them. 

   The area we went to is industrial . We had to park on the road. There were big semis idling on both sides. We couldn't get to the business parking area. She had her stuff out of the car and was going to tip toe through the semis when somebody stopped her and told here that she was at the wrong place . With the crummy location and to find out it was wrong she lost it. The poor kid who stopped her in order to help her caught it. 

    Well the Micro Manage had to get back in the car with her pipe and drive 300 m to another site which had the same address. This site was dirtier and messier. There was all kinds of mud. So the micro manager is tip toeing around in the junk yard. I had runners and I wasn't too happy being in the place with runners. There were wet spots with unidentified liquid. There were all kinds of metal shards. 

   Well she sold her pipe, got $11.00 and got out. 

   I imagine that some of the people there had a smile when they saw somebody in her gold sandals bringing in metal to sell.

    Maybe next time she will think about what her next call would be like! Or maybe next time she will let me throw it in the garbage.

    Maybe next time I'll take my camera to document her distress.