Friday, July 9, 2021


       I think I've written about snow more than anything else. Now falls must be getting close to snow!

       So you'll never believe this. I took two falls this week!

        First, I was looking after my neighbor's yard and had to water some plants. I threw my garden hose over the fence and watered the plants. I threw the hose nozzle back over the fence but not the hose. Somehow, the hose caught on my foot when I was leaving  and I didn't notice it until I was on my face on the ground. The hose felt like my foot was hooked on a rubber band.  I was very lucky that I landed on new soft sod.  Next time it could be on cement. Yes , I remember that when old people fall their head hits the ground before they know they are falling. 

     Then I was applying flashing to a small garden shed. I had to put my ladder in behind the bleeding heart . So one of the many times I came down the ladder , I fell. I don't know if I missed the last step or got off the ladder with one step left to go or if the ladder fell off the board to cover the soil under the bleeding heart or if I just tipped the ladder over. I landed in a peony and before I got up the ants had found me and they didn't like me. 

    Okay, I'm not looking for sympathy. I know what I'm going to get here and I won't like it. 

    However, I know that I must learn to be much more careful around my feet. I find it difficult to "slow down" and "be more careful". It's a hard thing to do after living a very active life. 

     You'll also not believe that I had to look up how to spell nozzle...well maybe you will.