Friday, January 5, 2018


      I don't know about you, but I have difficulty reading the faces of black appliances. 

      It came to a head recently when I bought a new computer. The tower is below the top of my desk so the vision is difficult to start with. On the front of the tower is a tray to load DVDs,  2 USB ports, Two sound jacks and another port that have no idea of what it is. However, the problem is to see any of this stuff. At times in the daytime it's visible At all other times in the day I cannot see these connections. I have my trusty flash light on my desk to see the computer face.

     When I started to think about this situation , I realized I had another color option for the computer but never gave it a thought at the time.

    Then I started to look around in the room and all appliances are black. I have a black stereo, a black boom box, black radio and black phone. Oh yes the interior of my car is black.

    What's going on with all the black?

Even my flashlight is black!