Tuesday, July 18, 2023


     Well, maybe I haven't been swearing but on a good rant.

      What am I ranting about? Well, everybody should know what I'm complaining about. 

      So those who guessed printer are right.

      This week the Micro Manager asked me to copy a 16 page booklet double sided from double sided. I accidentally did it a few years ago but I didn't know what I was doing. Look up Brother printer instructions for this and they're clear as mud. So what do you do? Experiment. So 16 pages of test paper on the floor and I finally found out how to do the job. Flip the page to be copied and give it a half turn. It works every tome. So I now have this written down.

    Some people can easily see what has to be done because they can picture it in their head. I can't get that picture in my head. 

    Next ? Scanning. I don't know where to send the scan so I spend all evening looking for the scan. I haven't solved this one but my daughter is coming tomorrow so I think I'll get that one solved.

    Doesn't it feel great when something gets solved?